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Why The Tannoy Dual Concentric

Connoisseurs will quibble, but the trend in the way speakers work has mostly been in one direction.   The general drift in twentieth century loudspeaker design -- for music playback, anyway --  has been from the early large-and-cumbersome full-frequency single driver format, moving toward the small and multidriver-array system approach.   The drawback to the multidriver system approach is the delicate & complex sound form the designer must generate with different drivers, crossover networks and complicated enclosures, integrating them to comprise a convincing sound picture.  The challenge for the fullrange approach, of course, is to maintain convincing performance in the 'presence' region while extending toward valid resolution in the frequency extremes.    



Through A Hogshead Of Real Fire
At least some of the origin of the Tannoy story starts with the Circus....




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